Harnessflex announces versatile CCSB Conduit Clips

AES USA Corp and AES UK along with ABB Harnessflex are pleased to announce the official launch and immediate availability of the CCSB range of conduit clips via AES Group.

The CCSB fittings offer multiple uses in one unique design. Firstly they can be used as a standard clip over slit conduits to provide stability, gap reduction and improved crush resistance. They can also be used in conjunction with fittings to provide a further 20%+ reinforcement and strain relief of the conduit at point of exit from the fitting. In particular where there is a tight bend radius of the conduit after exiting the fitting. This helps to avoid the potential for conduits to break free from the fitting, and therefore, expose the wires within. And lastly, they can be used as conduit reducers. The clips are manufactured in such a way that they can fit inside of the corresponding fitting outlet, and within each other, offering one or more reductions to the conduit sizing from a particular outlet.

You can download a product guide and data sheet using the links below –

Product Guide

Data Sheet

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